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small business focused. results driven.

We work with small businesses to identify potential areas of growth and develop marketing that produces results. Generally, our clients don't have an internal marketing team so we provide market research, strategy, design, technology and analysis.  


We know that effective communication can solve most business problems. Need more customers? Want to keep your current customers? With a comprehensive marketing plan and flawless execution, we solve these problems. We partner with our clients - they know their business, we know marketing. Our success is directly related to their success. We are in this together.


Too many messages. Too many devices to check. It's communication overload. So, how do you stand out? You target your message based upon what your customer has told you - and they've told you alot. Meet Joe.  He's your customer and would like to tell you what he thinks:


Whether it's getting more customers or launching a new product, we start by identifying what you want to accomplish. Our process is designed to target the right message to the right audience at the right time - driving revenue and increasing your return on investment. Here's what it looks like:

news & trends in marketing

Small Businesses Crowd Facebook, Twitter for Marketing

Small-business owners are often constrained by limits on resources as they balance different needs competing for a slice of finite budgets. But new research from business and marketing services provider G2 Crowd found that despite potential financial restrictions, marketing remains a priority for these decision-makers.

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For Many Marketers, Email Is Still King

As a channel to reach prospects and customers, email continues to thrive, even as other messaging platforms emerge. Nine in 10 marketers in North America say they use email to engage their audience, according to a September 2016 survey by Winterberry Group and the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), the most commonly used channel over digital display, owned web content and search.

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Analytics Are Widely Used, but Is the Effort Paying Off?

Companies are using analytics tools across their organizations, but areas where analytics are used most heavily are not necessarily where they’re most influential, according to data from Econsultancy and Lynchpin.

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Email Marketing Is a Double Win for Customer Acquisition, Retention

For most small- and medium-sized retailers in the US, email marketing is tops when it comes to both customer acquisition and retention. According to research, four-fifths of these professionals said email helps contribute to this outcome. 

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Consumers Like Reading Online Reviews, Not Writing Them

Reviews can be an important aspect of the shopping experience because many consumers rely on them to help influence whether they should make a purchase or not. According to July 2016 research, roughly half of internet users said they always, or at least most of the time, check online reviews before making a purchase. But when it comes to leaving a review for others to rely on, they rarely do so.

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Is This the End of B2B Marketing as We Know It?

Business-to-business (B2B) marketers anticipate that their responsibilities will be completely different in two years. While they currently focus most on brand and positioning, lead gen, and brand communications, B2Bs expect understanding buyers, marketing technology tools and competitor analysis to be top of mind instead—items not even on their lists currently. 

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How Long Does It Take to Plan Facebook, Twitter Content?

Twitter lives up to its real-time reputation when it comes to content marketing, with recent research finding that marketers are most likely to create content for the site on the same day of distribution. Meanwhile, Facebook planning is most likely to start a month or more in advance. Content marketing goes beyond social, and marketers look at past performance and monitor activity to determine which content to use. 

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Are You Using Facebook's Promoted Posts?

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have said it before: Social works, and as a result, they’re increasing marketing spending and time invested in the tactic. Based on a July 2014 study by BIA/Kelsey, Facebook is benefitting from both.

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Reach B2B Execs with Snappy Video

B2B marketers point to video as one of the most effective content techniques.  As businesspeople set out to research a product or service to purchase for their business, they are looking for three things: what a brand or business does, what its competitors do, and what people say about the business. How does a marketer address those queries and direct that decision-maker to his or her own brand during the course of the purchase journey? 

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