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Our process and our checklist:


Start from the beginning, understand what you have and where you want to go, outline what you need to do to get there, get it done and determine what can be done better to continually improve - that's how Houndstooth Marketing works.

It starts with an idea.


But then what?


Here's our process.


Step by step.


It's how we tackle challenges and offer solutions.


define goals


Retain current customers, engage new customers, build awareness of your company and products or all of the above. We work with our clients to define their primary, secondary and even tertiary goals. Determine which can be accomplished in the short term or long term. Develop a targeted campaign to exceed them.  Remember, you can not effectively be everything to everyone.

identify assets


Lapsed customers, Facebook "Likes", blog followers, website visitors, purchased lists.  All can be repurposed for your integrated marketing efforts. Knowing what you have is only half the battle -knowing what to do with it is where Houndstooth Marketing excels.

evaluate your market


Understanding the market condition is more important than your marketing message.  Just like trying to sell winter gloves in the middle of the summer, you need to understand the purchasing trends of your customers. Identify their habits and target your marketing accordingly. If your customers spend most of ther lives on Facebook -integrating social media into your marketing is a neccessity.

develop plan


Assembling the pieces of an integrated marketing campaign can seem daunting. When do we send out the email, post on social media and follow-up with a direct mail package? What should the messaging strategy include? All of the details are outlined to fully utilize your assets, at the right time, to the right audience.



The best strategy is worthless if it isn't executed flawlessly. Understanding the resources needed to develop the campaign, ensuring it is cost effective and delivers on time is crucial to a successful campaign. We know where our partners excel and we leverage their expertise to ensure we exceed expectation.

analyze results


We measure. We compare.  Both are integral to our marketing campaigns. If we don't know where we are, we don't know where we need to go.  We incoporate analytics into all of our campaigns so we can continually improve your results.  What we learn from testing and analysis will make us better marketers and our clients more profitable.

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