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about us


If you looked at us closely this is what you would see:


innovative. collaborative. unique. genuine. smart. aware. analytical. organized. helpful. idea generators. professional. creative. results driven. problem solvers. responsible. partners.

greg adzia - president


Greg is the President and strategic leader of Houndstooth Marketing. He is an expert in conversational/integrated marketing, spending the majority of his career developing strategy and implementing campaigns using data driven methodologies. Greg has partnered with clients to identify their challenges and then determine a cost effective, targeted plan to achieve their goals.


Greg grew up in Naperville, IL and is a graduate of the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign.  He still lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and three children.


"Houndstooth provides me the opportunity to do what I love - collaborate and partner with businesses to solve their problems.  Almost every challenge can be improved by effectively communicating to the "right" people. I enjoy figuring out who the "right" people are and what they want to hear to drive action."

houndstooth, huh?


Why houndstooth?  A common question. 


The houndstooth pattern intertwines and integrates one thread with another. It has substance.  It's usually associated with heavy material like wool and twill - it lasts forever. What a great visual representation of our integrated approach.  Everything must tie together to stay strong.


While we believe it's a compelling and memorable name, the origin started with Greg's first dog, Hank - RIP. As names were being brainstormed, Greg thought of paying homage to his departed black lab. So, after several dog themed ideas were thrown around, houndstooth was formed. 




"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

~ Albert Einstein

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