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The "why" everyone should know

Why do you do what you do? What’s the underlying reason that you wake up with a smile or at least a smirk and don’t dread heading into the office on any given day? Many will say because it feeds my family or puts a roof over my head – but that’s not “why”. That’s ultimately the result of “why”. I was recently introduced to a website called that addresses this question. The speaker behind the question, Simon Sinek, focuses on why people do what they do or sell what they sell. Ultimately, Simon’s point is that like-minded people tend to attract one another. Think about your personal or business relationships. The people that you “clicked” with probably have the same values as you overall. Same sense of humor, same goals, same approach to questions or problems, etc. Therefore, you probably have a better working relationship with them and achieved a lot more on a professional or personal level.

Simon’s approach is that companies also need to understand their “why” and interestingly many don’t. Why is the “why” so important for your business? If you know your “why” you probably have a better understanding of those that would need or want your product. From a marketing perspective, the “why” will allow us to more effectively target and communicate to those people that believe what you believe and think what you think.

Simon uses Apple as a perfect example. They weren’t the only computer/music /phone company on the block but they became synonymous for cool products that the “creative type” would love - realizing that it’s not for everyone - and they were okay with that! Everything they did was centered around their “why” – challenging the status quo and thinking differently.

I know it’s very hard to exclude anyone especially if we think there may be a small chance that they could be a potential customer, but in a world of over communication does it make sense? A potential customer has a fraction of a second to dedicate to you and what you are. If your “why” matches their “why” you will have a better chance to continue the conversation with them. They will give you the time to explain why your products are so awesome and meets their needs, both emotionally and physically. Once you’ve given them the “why” you can start feeding in the “what we do” and the “how we do it”.

So, figure out your "why" and more importantly communicate it. You will break through the noise and connect with your customer. Maybe you too can have your customers wait for days, sleeping out in the cold, sometimes in the rain for the launch of your new product – which will still be in stock and at the same price the next day. Then you know you’ve become more than a product to these customers, you’re a part of the family.

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