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Stats that may change your focus

We were recently doing research for a presentation and found some compelling stats that, we think, should change the way most of us do business.

  • 9 out of 10 buyers in the b-to-b space say that they will find you when they’re ready to buy

  • 50-60% are already into the buying cycle by the time they make contact with you

Not surprisingly, buyers are doing their homework. They are narrowing the list of “candidates” and having final “interviews” upon their first interaction with you. So what do you do to make sure you’re being considered? Answer: Target.

It is impossible to be everything to everyone - there is simply not enough time - but you can fit a specific need for a specific group.

  • 78% of buyers want information about their business challenge

  • 41% read content from “thought leaders”

  • 48% follow industry conversation

  • 70% of buyers review four or more pieces of content when the purchase is over $10K

What does this mean? You have to be part of the discussion. The content explosion over the past 10 years has been staggering, but the reality is that it has forced us to be more targeted. More specific about exactly what we do and why we are essential for a specific industry.

Now, what to do? 81% of buyers start with a web search. So that’s a good place to start. That means that your website has to outline how you can solve a specific audiences business challenge. But remember, 60% of buyers say they have little time to read, so creativity is a must.

  • keep articles and whitepapers short

  • develop short videos – 75% of buyers watch videos every week

  • make sure you’re mobile friendly – 247% increase in mobile searches year over year

The greatest asset that a company has is experience. Most clients want the peace of mind that you’ve solved a problem like theirs in the past. It’s your job to tell them how you did it in the place and format that will reach them.

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